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ACM India Annual Event

ACM India has been organizing this annual flagship event to discuss trends in science and technology, and to celebrate ACM's spirit and India's accomplishments in computing. This event is attended by ACM Turing Award winners, ACM Office Bearers, researchers and IT professionals. The past events have witnessed keynote speeches by Tony Hoare (Turing Award 1980), John E. Hopcroft (Turing Award 1986), Robert Tarjan (Turing Award 1986), Raj Reddy (Turing Award 1994), Edward Feigenbaum (Turing Award 1994), Moshe Vardi (Gödel Prize 2000), Vinton G Cerf (Turing Award 2004), Joseph Sifakis (Turing Award 2007), Barbara Liskov (Turing Award 2008), Charles Thacker (Turing Award 2009), Eric Brewer (Infosys ACM Award 2009), Leslie Valiant (Turing Award 2010), Franz Kaashoek (Infosys ACM Award 2010), Ravi Kannan (Knuth Prize 2011), Kathy Yelick (ACM Fellow 2013), Susan Rodger (ACM Outstanding Educator Award 2014) and Martin Hellman (Turing Award 2015).

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IRISS: Inter-Research-Institute Student Seminar

IRISS invites Computer Science research students in India to showcase their published or accepted-for-publication work to an audience comprising members of academia and industry. The event hosts oral as well as poster presentations. The submissions go through a program committee and selected papers are invited for oral/poster presentation. Partial funding is provided to the selected submissions.

As the event is co-located with the ACM India Annual Event where eminent researchers such as Turing Award winners and ACM Fellows are invited to deliver talks on their work, participants of IRISS get a unique opportunity to listen to them and interact with them.

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Compute: International Symposium sponsored by ACM India

Compute is an annual feature of ACM India and its objective is to bring together academicians, researchers and scholars in computer science & engineering domain and provide them a platform for knowledge sharing in the latest key areas of computing. Recent focus of Compute has been on improving the quality of computer science engineering education (including curriculum, pedagogy and assessment) in Indian undergraduate programs.

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About CODS-COMAD: ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science & Management of Data

About ISEC: Innovations in Software Engineering Conference

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