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Rajeev Gupta

Qualifications: Ph.D., IIT Bombay

Title: Researcher

Affiliation: IBM Research - India

Contact Details:

Short CV:
Rajeev Gupta got his BTech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India in Electronics Engineering and his PhD from IIT Mumbai, India in Computer Science. He is working as Researcher at IBM Research, New Delhi, India for last few years. His research interests include distributed computing, networking, data management, etc. He has published in many reputable conferences and journals like VLDB, ICDE, CIKM, WWW, Infocomm, Sigmetrics, TKDE, etc.

Title of Talk 1: Big Data, Metadata, and Beyond
Synopsis: The Big data ecosystem provides new challenges in form of "Four Vs" of big data—volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. In this talk I will cover how these Four Vs can be handled using various data and metadata management techniques. Volume and velocity aspects are mainly handled using distributed processing of the data over a cluster of machines. For handling other two aspects, variety and veracity, better metadata management techniques are required.

Title of Talk 2: Continuous Query Processing: Concepts, Algorithms, and New Problems
Synopsis: More and more applications are being developed where dynamic data is processed continuously to provide timely information and triggers for further action. In many of these applications, data sources are geographically distributed. In this talk I will be using various motivating examples for distributed execution of continuous queries. A comprehensive survey of various related concepts (like accuracy bound, fidelity, etc.), algorithms (sketches, Markov models, etc.), and new issues are presented in this talk.

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