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Summer School on Detection and Analysis of Malware
hosted by College of Engineering Pune (COEP)
co-sponsored by Quick Heal

Dates: 17 to 29 June

Venue: College of Engineering Pune (COEP), Wellesley Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005

Course coordinators: Vinod Ganapathy, Prakash Jagdale, Sunil Mane

The goal of the summer school is to provide an overview of detection and analysis of malware, and techniques to harden systems from malware attack. The course will have a systems-oriented flavour, and will feature several session of hands-on experimentation with tools and code. Topics to be covered include:

  • Malware analysis techniques and tools (e.g., IDA-Pro, debuggers, etc.)
  • Attack vectors used by malware (e.g., how memory error-based exploits work, browser and Web-based exploits, OS-level threats, etc.)
  • Malware in modern domains (e.g., mobile, cyber-physical systems, etc.)


  • Vinod Ganapathy, IISc Bangalore
  • Prakash Jagdale, Quick Heal Technologies Ltd
  • Sunil Mane, COEP Pune
  • Sandeep Shukla, IIT Kanpur
  • Pramod Subramanyan, IIT Kanpur
  • Sambuddho Chakravarty, IIIT Delhi

Background/prior courses recommended:

  • Some experience with programming in low-level languages (e.g., C or C++) is a must
  • A course in computer organization is a must
  • Optional background in operating systems, computer architecture, programming languages and compilers will help, but is not required

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