Recent Events:

ACM-W organised many events during 2018. A short summary of the activities is given below.

National Level ACM-W India Hackathon, 7-8 October 2018

To celebrate and promote women in computing, the ACM Ahmedabad chapter along with the ACM women chapter of Ahmedabad University, Oracle Academy and Tata Consultancy Services, organized 3rd National level ACM Women Hackathon 2018 on 7 and 8 October 2018, under the theme "Sustainable Smart Society". The event received tremendous response through registration of 300 plus teams of computer aspirants from all over India, ready for exhibiting their talents and innovative thinking capabilities. A team of highly professional industrial persons, ACM members and Oracle Academy members evaluated and selected the 25 best teams. Among these, 10 teams were competing in the finals which were based on the themes such as Healthcare and Security. A distinguished panel of judges finally evaluated these teams and winners were chosen. Apart from the main Hackathon event, there were also other technical activities such as keynote talks by distinguished speakers. More information about the event is available here.

ACM India Grad Cohort, 6-7 July 2018

>CRA-W, an international computing body, has been organising the Grad Cohort workshop since 2004 in the US for women graduate students in computing. Over the last 15 years, the workshop has helped many women students through their graduate years and beyond. Starting this year, ACM-W India decided to adapt the model of this workshop to the Indian setting. ACM India Grad Cohort 2018, the first pan-India workshop for women graduate students in computing, was organised this year. The event took place in the CSE Department at IIT Bombay. This workshop was also made a part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of IIT Bombay. The main goal of this workshop was to reach out to Indian women graduate students in the field of computing. The event was attended by 75 participants who came from approximately 20 different colleges and universities across India. Among these, around 45 students were pursuing their PhD in areas of computing, while the rest were students pursuing their Master's degree. Around 15 eminent Indian women speakers from various academic institutes and from industry spoke at the event. Read a report of the event here.

Grad Cohort Participants

Grad Cohort Speakers

ACM India Celebration of Women in Computing (AICWiC 2018), 28-29 June 2018

The Celebrations event started in 2013 by ACM-W India has now grown considerably over the years. AICWiC 2018 was organised by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, PES University and the Centre for Information Security, Forensics and Cyber Resilience, PES College, Bengaluru. It had many technical and social activities for the participants. The event started with keynote talks by renowned speakers. These were followed by poster presentations by student participants. The event also had panel discussions where many leading figures of computing in India were invited to speak on topics related to cybersecurity.

ACM India Summer School for Women, 11-29 June 2018

ACM India Summer School on Information Security and Forensics (for Women) took place between June 11 and June 29, 2018 at PES University, Bengaluru. The main topics covered in this course included Cryptography & Number Theory, Mutual Trust Mechanisms, Software and Application Security, Network & Internet Security, Mathematical Models of Computer Security, Privacy, Digital Forensics Fundamentals. There was emphasis on theoretical aspects of the topics as well as the participants were given hand-on knowledge by the experts. There was also Turing Talk Series (on Security). 

  • ACM-W India Committee

      Heena Timani
      Nutan Limaye
      Rituparna Chaki
      Tejaswini Apte
      Chitra  Babu
      Kalika  Bali  
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      Lipika  Dey
      Gunjan  Lal
      Neeldhara  Misra
    Past Chairperson
      Arati  Mehul Dixit

AICWIC 2019, 13 July, Gandhinagar

The ACM India Celebration of Women in Computing will include a Work-in-Progress Research Reports poster making event. Submission deadline is 22 June. AICWIC provides a unique opportunity of collective learning, interacting with experts and peers and showcasing work-in- progress research to an enlightened audience for their valuable insights. This one-day celebration has several intellectually enriching opportunities for women students and professionals in the field of computing.