ACM India Conferences

ACM India organizes events and conferences such as Annual Event, IRISS, COMPUTE, CODS-COMAD, and ISEC.

Travel Grants for Conferences

ACM India and the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science (IARCS) jointly offer partial travel grants to faculty, students and postdocs from India to present papers co-authored by them at premier international conferences. For more information, please visit the ACM India-IARCS Travel Grants page.

For Conference Organizers

ACM and SIGs (Special Interest Groups) lend the name of the organization to conferences which are fully sponsored by other nonprofit incorporated organizations. Such cooperation is to be primarily for publicity and to encourage Association members to participate by contributing papers and attending technical sessions. Cooperation specifically excludes financial participation, responsibility, or liability on the part of ACM. Please see the SIG Volunteer Resources page for more information on how to apply for such cooperation.

For detailed guidelines, please use this guidelines document.

Annual Events

ACM India events and conferences include: Annual Event, IRISS, COMPUTE, CODS-COMAD, and ISEC.

ACM India also co-sponsors conferences held in India, such as the recent FIRE 2018, VLSI 2019, and COMSNETS 2019.

COMPUTE 2019, 10 to12 October, Goa

Since 2018, ACM India has decided to focus the theme of COMPUTE towards improving the quality of computing education in the country. In this second year of this thematic symposium, the first day overlaps with CC2020, a joint project sponsored by ACM and the IEEE Computer Society to provide comprehensive curricular guidelines for academic programs granting degrees in computing.

Annual Event 2019, 8 February, Cochin

ACM India has been organizing annual flagship events to discuss trends in science and technology, and to celebrate ACM's spirit and India's accomplishments in computing. This event is attended by ACM Turing Award winners, ACM Office Bearers, researchers and IT professionals. The event is organized by ACM Cochin Professional Chapter in association with the Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Cochin, Kerala. CSPathshala Workshop, iSIGCSE Workshop and IRISS are co-located ACM events with ACM India Annual Event 2019.

ISEC 2020, 27 to 29 February, Jabalpur

The Innovations in Software Engineering Conference (formerly known as India Software Engineering Conference) is the annual conference of iSOFT, the India chapter of ACM SIGSOFT under the umbrella of ACM India. ISEC brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world to share the results of their work. Please visit the conference website for submission deadlines.

IRISS 2020, 13 to 14 February, IIT Gandhinagar

The 14th Inter-Research-Institute Student Seminar in Computer Science (IRISS 2020) invites research scholars of computer science and allied areas in India to showcase their recent work, either published in 2019 or accepted in 2019 for publication (proof of acceptance will be required), to a conclave of researchers and potential employers. Deadline for submissions is 31 October 2019.

CODS-COMAD 2020, 5 to 7 January, ISB Hyderabad

The 7th ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data is the premier international database conference hosted in India by Division II of Computer Society of India. CODS-COMAD encompasses the areas of data analytics, machine learning and managing Big Data.

AICWIC 2019, 13 July, Gandhinagar

The ACM India Celebration of Women in Computing will include a Work-in-Progress Research Reports poster making event. Submission deadline is 22 June. AICWIC provides a unique opportunity of collective learning, interacting with experts and peers and showcasing work-in- progress research to an enlightened audience for their valuable insights. This one-day celebration has several intellectually enriching opportunities for women students and professionals in the field of computing.