Summer School on Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Hosted by IIT Goa

Sponsored by Intel Labs

Course Cancelled

Course coordinators:

Description of school:
The aim of the school is to provide an introduction to topics and tools in Computer Architecture and Operating Systems to students who have undergone basic training in computer organization. The Summer School will feature speakers from reputed academic institutions and industry. In addition to the lectures, the summer school will focus on hands-on sessions where attendees will spend substantial amount of time experimenting with architectural tools and simulators. Thus, the summer school will provide a holistic view of computer architecture/operating systems, a good mix of theory vs. practice vs. experimental study. This will not only help the participants understand basics, but also prepare them to take advanced courses in Computer Systems and getting started with research in computer architecture/operating systems.

List of subtopics:

  • Computer Architecture
    • Performance Metrics
    • Instruction Sets
    • Pipelining
    • Out of Order, Speculative Execution
    • Caches and Cache Coherence
    • Multiprocessing Architectures
    • Memory Architecture and Management
    • GPUs and Accelerators
    • Hardware Security
    • Case Studies
  • Operating Systems
    • Basics of Process Abstraction
    • Context Switching and Interrupt Handling
    • CPU Scheduling
    • Virtual Memory: Segmentation, Paging, Memory Management
    • Concurrency and Synchronization
    • Storage and File Systems
    • Networking Fundamentals
    • Case Studies: Linux, Android

Partial list of speakers:

  • Manu Awasthi, Ashoka University
  • Biswabandan Panda, IIT Kanpur
  • Sharad Sinha, IIT Goa
  • Preeti Ranjan Panda, IIT Delhi
  • List of speakers from Intel Labs and others TBA

Background/prior courses recommended:

  • This school is primarily meant for students in Master’s or higher programs. Application from final year Bachelor’s students may be considered at the discretion of selection team, based on demonstration of extraordinary background and self-motivation relevant to this school.
  • Computer Organization (or equivalent)
  • Digital Design (or equivalent)

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