Summer School on Cybersecurity and Data Analytics

hosted by IIIT Delhi

co-sponsored by Cisco

Dates: 8 to 18 July

Venue: Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-D), Near Govindpuri Metro station, Okhla Ph III, Delhi 110020

Course coordinators: Arun Balaji BuduruChester RebeiroPonnurangam Kumaraguru

Brief description of school and list of topics:

The focus of the summer school will be on several important topics in Cybersecurity and Data Analytics, including system security, crypto systems, network security, adaptive security, privacy and security in online social media, data mining. The program will include both lecture and hands-on components targeted to provide comprehensive learning experience for participating students. The hands-on component will include capture the flag (CTF), social (network) media data collection and analysis, multiple tools demo, side channel demo, etc.

Post conditions from the summer school. Students will be able to:

  • Understand basic concepts of cybersecurity and data analytics
  • Describe and use tools that allows them to analyse network data
  • Understand and use tools to analyse security behaviour of hardware systems
  • List various privacy and security concerns (spam, phishing, fraud nodes, identity theft) on online social media
  • Collect data from online social media, take one or 2 security / privacy problems and analyze the data for the same


  • Prof. Pandurangan Chandrasekaran (IIT-M)
  • Prof. Chester Rebiero (IIT-M)
  • Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (IIIT-D)
  • Prof. Rajiv Ratn Shah (IIIT-D)
  • Prof. Vikram Goyal (IIIT-D)
  • Prof. Tanmoy Chakraborty (IIIT-D)
  • Prof. Sambuddho Chakravarty (IIIT-D)
  • Prof. Arun Balaji Buduru (IIIT-D)
  • Mr. Kaarthik Sivakumar (Cisco)
  • Mr. Shyam Sundar Ramaswami (Cisco)
  • Mr. Arun Magesh (Payatu)
  • Dr. Siddhartha Asthana (United Health group)

Background/prior courses recommended:

  • Computer Networks
  • Intro to Programming (preferably Python)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics and Probability