ACM India - TCS Research Joint Webinar Series.

TCS Research in collaboration with ACM India, presents to you a series of webinars that brings together renowned people from industry and academia who talk about trending and relevant themes within the tech community. These webinars are planned to occur quarterly and are open to all.


  • ACMI and TCSR joint webinar on "Careers & Opportunities in Computing Research" in the Fireside Chat format on 28 June 2022. This was moderated by Dr. Gautam Schroff from TCS Research. The panel comprised Prof. Jeff Ullman from Stanford University, USA, Dr. Ranjita Bhagwan, Microsoft research India, Prof. Supratik Chakraborty, IIT Bombay and Dr. Swaran Lata, Retd. Scientist 'G' & Head, TDIL Program, MeiTy, GoI.
  • ACMI - ACM iSIGCSE - TCSR joint webinar on "Computational Intelligence at Edge" on 30 March 2022. The webinar includes a talk on 'Collaborative Machine Intelligence: Orchestrating Low Power Edge Analytics and Sense-Making' by Dr. Archan Misra, Professor at Singapore Management University. This was followed by a fireside chat on 'Application Trends and Technology Challenges for Computational Intelligence at Edge' comprising Dr. Archan, Dr. Venkat Padmanabhan, Deputy Managing Director, Microsoft Research India, Dr. Rijurekha Sen, Professor, IIT Delhi, and Dr. Balamurlidhar P, Chief Scientist, TCS Research


  • ACMI -TCSR Joint Webinar on "Is Explainable AI really Explainable?" on 16th December 2021. The webinar includes a talk on the topic 'Two Understability Axioms for ML with Humans-in-the-Loop' and a fireside chat on 'The Role of Domain Knowledge in Modern Understandable AI.' Join Ashwin Srinivasan, Professor, BITS Goa, Srikanta Bedathur, Professor, IIT Delhi, Tanuja Ganu, Microsoft Research, and TCS Research Scientists as they deep dive into this topic.