Eminent Speaker Program - Guidelines for Speakers

ACM India is thankful to you for agreeing to be an Eminent Speaker under the Eminent Speaker Program (ESP). Under this program, ACM Chapters in India (Professional and Student) will invite you to give a talk at their city/college. Here are guidelines for accepting such invitations:

  1. Please ensure that your ACM membership is valid while accepting the invitation.

  2. You will be directly approached by any ACM Chapter for giving the talk/conducting a tutorial or a workshop.
  3. You can now do the session in virtual mode. Arranging platform for the talk is responsibility of the host chapter.
  4. If you are comfortable travelling to the place, you can accept the invitation subject to approval of ACM India.
  5. ACM India will validate status of the Chapter and also check if cost of travel is within permissible limits.
  6. Normal permissible limits are INR 10,000 to 15,000 for two talks.
  7. ACM India prefers that the speaker gives at least two talks in his or her visit.
  8. Once the travel plan is approved, the Host Chapter will book your tickets.
  9. Host Chapter will arrange for local hospitality (transport and stay). However, you will have to arrange transport in your home city. This can be claimed from the host chapter.
  10. ACM India expects that an eminent speaker makes at least two visits during the year.
  11. Eminent Speakers will be using ACM as a platform and ACM expects that they initially talk about ACM before starting the technical talk.
  12. After the talk, speakers are expected to give feedback about the session using the form* within a week.
  13. For all correspondence with the chapters, please mark a copy to Shekhar Sahasrabudhe.

*Eminent Speakers, please note that the feedback form is updated and it requires a control string which is being sent to you by email. Please use this to provide the feedback once you complete the session.