Pandurang Kamat

Eminent Speaker

Short CV: Pandurang Kamat is CTO, Research and Innovation at Persistent Systems. He leads research teams in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Actionable Data Insights, Human Machine Interaction and Cloud and helps enterprises unlock business value through technology and innovation. Prior to Persistent, he was Director of Analytics at IAC Search and Media and has also worked at Bell Labs and HP Labs, building secure communications and digital media products.

Title of Talk 1: Self-Sovereign Identity—The Future of Identity and Credentialing
Synopsis: A secure digital identity is central to our digital, connected life today. The cost of acquiring, managing, proving and securing identities runs into billions of dollars globally. As high-profile data breaches have shown, centralized identity providers become attractive targets for hackers. In this talk we will understand how the identity ecosystem can be made more secure, more efficient and less expensive using self-sovereign, decentralized identities. More importantly how individuals can have more control on their identity attributes using decentralized design. We will learn about the emerging decentralized identity standard and how this work can enable broader credentialing use cases.

Title of Talk 2: “Can’t be Evil”—Building the Decentralized Web
Synopsis: We are increasingly seeing a digital Web that is facing censorship, traffic snooping and prone to disruption due to failure of services controlled by a small set of organizations or governments. It is riddled with data breaches, and data misuse by the companies whose services we use. The advent of decentralization technologies has brought the promise of re-architecting the Web from ground up to be resilient against such threats, and the one that puts the users in control of the privacy and security of their data. This new web holds the promise that companies and applications, we interact with, can’t be evil when it comes to our data.

Qualifications: PhD in Computer Science, Rutgers University

Title: CTO, Research and Innovation

Affiliation: Persistent Systems Ltd.

Contact Details:
Twitter: @pandurangkamat