Sachindra Joshi

Eminent Speaker

Short CV:

  • Over 60 research papers in top-rated journals and conferences such as Machine Learning Journal, ICML, ACL, AAAI and other related conferences with over 2,000 citations--h-index of 24 and i10 index of 48
  • Over 50 patents granted/filed
  • Invited talks/course lectures at IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award at IBM Research

Title of Talk 1: Bridging the Gap: Industrial Dialog Framework vs Deep Learning-based Dialog Systems
Synopsis: There have been tremendous advances in building dialog systems that use past human to human conversation logs and apply deep learning-based techniques on them for learning dialog models. At the same time, several frameworks for building chat-bots have been released by different enterprises such as Google Dialog Flow, IBM Watson Assistant and Microsoft Bot framework. In this talk, I would illustrate the gap that exist in these two parallel threads of work and show how we could apply deep learning based techniques in the context of industry frameworks to get the best of both worlds.

Title of Talk 2: Chat Is the New UI: Building Conversational Systems
Synopsis: To have a virtual assistant or a chat companion with intelligence has been a distant dream and have existed only in sci-fi movies for a long time. The recent advances in deep learning and natural language processing has brought this dream closer to reality. In this talk, I will describe the recent advances in building question answering systems and dialog systems. How advances in word representations, natural language understanding and generation have been applied in these problems leading to much better learning of dialog models and systems. I would also talk about further challenges that remain in industrial deployment of such systems.

Title of Talk 3: AI for Customer Care
Synopsis: As new techniques and methods are being developed in deep learning and natural language processing, new ways are being found to incorporate them in customer service. In this talk, I would discuss several examples of applying AI in many areas of customer service, including customer facing technologies such as call routing, speaker identification and intent detection to behind the scene technologies such as workload management and automation. I would also discuss the research challenges that lie ahead of us and could significantly enhance the customer service industry.

Qualifications: Master’s in Technology

Title: Senior Technical Staff Member and Manager

Affiliation: IBM Research - India

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