Summer School on Natural Language Processing Hosted by Dhirubhai Ambani Inst. of Information & Communication Technology

Sponsored by Amex AI Labs

Dates: 6 to 17 July 2020

Course coordinators:

Description of school:
The proposed school (for Women only) aims to create awareness among the under-graduate and postgraduate students in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP). The school will focus on foundational knowledge in natural language processing, the current state-of the-art research challenges and opportunities and future trends. A salient aspect of this school is to emphasize hands-on sessions with suitable case studies.

List of subtopics:

  • Course introduction
  • Text representation
  • Language model
  • Morphology
  • Part-of-speech tagging
  • Entity identification
  • Text parsing (shallow and deep)
  • Dialog system
  • Machine translation
  • Text summarization
  • Sentiment analysis

Partial list of speakers:

  • Prasenjit Majumder, DA-IICT
  • Mandar Mitra, ISI Kolkata
  • Suman Mitra, DA-IICT
  • Sriparna Saha, IIT Patna 
  • L. V. Subhramanium, IBM Research Lab India
  • Sudip Naskar, Jadavpur University
  • Lipika Dey, TCS Research

Background/prerequisite for this Women Only school (preferred but not mandatory):

  • Basics of Probability and Statistics
  • Linear Algebra 
  • Python
  • Data Structure and Algorithm

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